Risk- and Insurance management
About us

Our organization characterizes itself by being highly involved and having a deep knowledge of our clients’ risk profile.

SwanAdvisory is managed by Otto Bekouw and Michel Frommé.

Otto Bekouw.
Managing Director

M +31 6 5574 8920
E otto.bekouw@swanadvisory.nl

With more than 28 years of experience in the insurance industry as trusted advisor for multinationals and as Risk & Insurance manager for Royal Philips and TNT Express, Otto understands both the side of the insurance industry and large internationally operating organizations.

With a background as strategic account executive with one of the global brokers and as Risk & Insurance manager for multinationals Otto’s vision is that the conventional insurance industry is not functioning properly and organizations can achieve better results when they start with the focus on their operational risks and prevention and tailoring the insurance program around this.

Over the years Otto has proven to deliver results in various industries through excellent communication skills, goal oriented approach, sharp analysis and extensive experience in the global risk environment.

Michel Frommé.
Managing Director

M +31 61093 4042
E michel.fromme@swanadvisory.nl

Michel has over 30 years of experience in the field of risk and insurance management. He started his career at the insurance company Allianz but spent most of his working life with multinationals such as Akzo Nobel and Royal Philips. He also led the consumer finance business at Signify (Philips Lighting), which has given him a solid financial background. Just before joining SwanAdvisory he was Director Global Insurance at Royal Ahold Delhaize in Geneva, Switzerland.

Michel is well vested in placing the subject of risk and insurance management in the broader perspective of a company. He believes it is crucial to primarily focus on the corporation’s risk profile and financial position, before considering risk-mitigating solutions such as insurance. With his experience and background, he is well versed in the world of retail, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and healthcare.